Strategist with an eye for spotting the insightful story


Strategist, photographer and writer living in 

New York City

I'm fortunate to spend the greater part of my day working as a strategist. I've worked across pretty much every strategic discipline there is from building multi-million-dollar, multi-year brand campaigns to repositioning B2B companies. 

I have a few guiding beliefs that I'd love to talk with you more about:

1. Simplicity over complex gibberish. I avoid marketing-speak like the Post Office at lunch break. 

2. That our relationship with brands and brand building itself follows well-established human behavior. 

3. That we're not reinventing the rules of marketing or product development, just using different tools. 

4. That not everything can be measured so maybe it's time that in some cases, we give into that je ne sais quoi. (For a real treat, ask me to demonstrate my fake, French accent)

5. That we're in what I believe is a historically exciting and significant time of institutional disruption across every part of life from the brands we use to even how we define gender. 




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