Brand Strategist

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

On my second day on the job after having moved across the country a week earlier from New York to Seattle, I was put on a fast-paced, three-month long campaign and activation. In addition to meeting client goals and a historical wins for the agency, our team learned how to find our way without a road map.


Award-Winning Microsoft Campaign

Cannes-Winning, went viral, delivered client ROI and brought attention to student-run causes.


Engage and bring in new users (college students) to Microsoft’s digital note-taking product.

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Three activations over three months

Briefed creatives, chose and briefed influencers, coordinated with media and social strategy on three activations that included events, paid media and content.


Strategic lead on day-to-day strategy in three-month activation including influencer marketing, event activations and creative development. Campaign was heavily collaborative and fast-paced requiring deep collaboration between media, social and creative in a fast-paced, real-time environment.

  • Selected a diverse, on-brand set of influencers and content creators for each segment of the campaign in conjunction with account, media, creative and talent reps.  

  • Briefed influencers and shaped creative to deliver on campaign goals. 

  • Led strategy of on-campus activations.

  • Guided distribution channels for content that stayed true to authenticity of campaign.

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Content from campaign went viral

Seeded on Facebook through Downey’s own Facebook page, content went viral, gracing news outlets and social feeds throughout the country during a time when Facebook was not yet thought of as a platform that could achieve that.


Campaign surpassed original client goals, went viral reaching over 2 billion impressions, won the agency’s first Lion as well as multiple other industry awards and delivered attention and donations to nonprofits highlighted in campaign.