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10 PM Plus

And the fact remains that I can't leave my apartment without running into someone I know from my past. Around 9:15, I had the sudden urge to jet over to The Strand and check out some photography books. I really need to amp up my photo book collection. The internet is great and all but sometimes..

I get to the photography section and who do I run into, but someone I grew up with who happened to be a fantastic photographer. He still is and is getting his MFA. Hmmm. That's an idea... But the commercial and fine art world are so different. I suppose I should look at getting an MFA from a financial perspective. I don't have a trust fund and the likelihood of me winning the lottery are slim to none. In any case, I thought it was a fun full circle sort of night. Running into someone who was considered probably the best artist in my class. Unfortunately, I came in second. But we were both in the same aisle, he pursuing the fine arts and me involved in the commercial.

Nighty night. I must rest. I have another session with my trainer tomorrow. Yeah, what was I thinking? I've tricked myself into thinking I'm fully recovered - enough for an intense workout. At least the weather will be nice!