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Watched the debates at a bar- quite the interesting and different experience than at my sister's college. I've never seen so many eyes intently glued to the TV but I guess it was like a play off game. I definitely tried my best to listen to both candidates' answers without letting my political leanings effect my view of their answer. But.. then McCain would reference "Joe Plummer" and I'd lose that ability to be unbiased. To be fair, Obama tends to take the middle ground to appease voters, consequently saying things that I don't agree with- like more domestic drilling. While from a laymen's perspective, it seems like the logical answer- the actual logistics of on sure drilling is not environmentally friendly and won't make as much of a large, immediate impact as perhaps increasing gas millage standards for American cars, etc.

P.S. I took my first warm shower IN my apartment since Monday. Oh happy day!