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A Photographic Journey through my Travels

Mischief and his unusual obsession with water slightly delayed the bathing process.

Flight wasn't too bad except we were delayed by about 45 minutes. And yes, you've seen it here first.. there is an iPod VENDING MACHINE at the Minneapolis airport. Can you believe it? Hi, I'll have my vending machine peanuts with a side of Nano. What's another $200 when you've spent $400 on a plane ticket right?

I begged and pleaded my mom to get some shots while I drove. The sky and road had sort of an empty, lonely quality to it. Seeing as how I generally split my time between the East Village and congested New Jersey suburbs, it's eerie to be some place with so little people.

More pictures to come. Yeah, lots of beautiful women at St. Olaf. It's weird.. I guess it's a Midwestern thing but they all look the same. Kind of boring I suppose and super sucky if you happen to be average or below average.