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A Schmersey Scene

Scene - Family of three is finishing their dinner. Daughter is standing up, doing jumping jacks while pulling out ice cream from the fridge.

MOLLY: Man, I have so much energy from not going to my spin class and sitting at the eye doctor's office for 2 hours. Boo! I wish I could have gone. I feel so lazy.

MOTHER: Oh great! Why don't you go outside and do the walk way...

MOLLY: Do the walk way? Oh, shovel? (daughter stops jumping, head goes down and expression turns solemn.) Wow, it's amazing how my energy just comes and goes.

FATHER: You ungrateful little..

MOLLY: Cuts in. Hey, I pushed some old lady around in a wheel chair at the doctor's. They were understaffed and my doctor goes, "You good with a wheel chair?" And man, let me tell you, they were old! daughter gets parents ice cream bowl, finishes serving ice cream and has a look of relief (likely from escaping shoveling duties).

Curtain Drops.