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Advice for Single Ladies

Ever get that feeling sometime about 15 days after you've had your period? You're feeling thin, sort of on fire, hot, like you are turning yourself on? And like all eyes are on you? Well folks, it's called ovulating. These feelings are like our unconscious mating calls. Use it to your advantage. Not that I would ever um, advocate drinking but if there's one weekend you shouldn't stay in it would be the ovulating weekend. Read more here. Take notes. And for those brave ladies having trouble deciding if they really have chemistry with their beaus, take a sniff of him sans cologne, while he's relatively clean of course.

A quick look at a Wikipedia article reveals that ovulation only occurs in one day. Der, I suppose I should remember this from health. So ladies, that's only one day to get yourself out there and um, don't get pregnant in the process. Jeeze. No wonder why it's so hard to find a man! Oh boo. Meanwhile.. I have discovered that my next one (is this TMI??) falls on a Monday so fat chance of me finding love on one of the lamest days of the week.