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Al la Peanut Butter Sandwiches

When we last left off, I posted the morning of my birthday stating why I thought 29 was going to be a good year. Well.. three crazy days later, I still share these sentiments. It all started when I got laid off from my company of nearly three years ON MY BIRTHDAY! Holy cow. I had some great opportunities and am very aware of how volatile advertising is. And naturally, the timing of it makes for a great story, where as if it happened a day before or after, it would have just SUCKED. Technically, the experience marks the end of my 28th year so the year ahead is full of opportunities.

That being said, these past few days have been fantastic. Spent Thursday night surrounded by good friends who finally all got to meet each other for the first time. Friday was very productive job-wise and I have no interest in using this time to relax. Although at least now I can finally hit the gym regularly and cook more. Then Saturday, had dinner and super quality time with wonderful friends I've known since middle school. And finally, Saturday night, went to a birthday party and hung out with newer friends. Was probably the first time I've gone OUT since the early fall when I started dating my ex. I realize that low key, quiet bars are a great way to spend quality time with people but if you're with an enthusiastic group and have the right music, there's nothing like an all out dance partay!

And here's where it gets strange. File under: Extremely ridiculous coincidence that only happens to me #652.

Earlier that evening, I jokingly mentioned to my roommate that I wanted to set her up with a guy we'll call "M," who I very briefly dated last Spring. I thought they would make a good match and I have mentioned this before. As always, she rolled her eyes and I dropped the subject. Fast forward 2 hours later and the two of us are walking around crowded Arlo & Esme trying to find the birthday girl. And then dot. dot. dot. - I see him. M! My jaw drops and I nervously say hello, mind racing with thoughts of why the universe likes to mess with me. I awkwardly introduce him to my roommate and ask him why he's at the bar. He's here for his girlfriend's birthday party, he responds. Ha! So much for that! But even funnier that his girlfriend's birthday is a day before mine. And so... the night continues. Until around 5 am where I found myself in a new friend's kitchen, surrounded by three other new friends, discussing how he should cook us pasta and tackle our list of "things that need to be fixed in the world.." because he is in finance and went to school for engineering. What magic will this week hold for me? End Scene.