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After spending a week in Cape Cod with my family, then a few days laying on my parent's couch watching TV (I kid you not), I packed my stuff AGAIN and headed into the city. My attempt to cram 5 years worth of clothing and stuff in my childhood room failed miserably. Consequently, I had stuff in boxes and in my sister's closet - causing me to forget an entire wardrobe section when packing for New York. I swear I don't shop more than most women, but just have the bad tendency to buy 2 of same thing in different colors at the Gap when really, I should be buying one of something at, Banana. So off I went from complete laziness to hauling my suitcase and various bags onto the bus, into the subway, then lugging it up five flights of stairs in Chelsea where I stayed with a fitness instructor for the week. Talk about night and day, a complete change of pace and a perfect example of what living in the city means versus living in the burbs. When I wasn't working out with LITA Group, I jumped from meeting to meeting, attempting to work in Starbucks or cafes around the city.

Some highlights in no particular order:
- I had my first spa facial which I didn't find at all impressive. I felt it was just a means to push products and if for some reason I had $100 to spend, I'd choose a massage over a facial in a second.
- I brought my Chelsea living fitness instructor friend to a meeting on the Upper East Side (not by choice) to which she proclaimed "I forgot that there were straight men in New York."
- I made friends with a dog named Joe who's owner insisted he didn't take to humans easily.

 - I spotted some fashion trends while walking around during fashion week. Short is in people!

 - I had lunch with one old friend and one new where I asked my new friend all about drugs and gambling - all while unknowingly sitting behind a few cops.

- I attended another NY Tech Meetup, which was great all in all (Google Goggles - Hello?!) and the after party was just as fun.
- I walked around downtown enjoying the beautiful fall weather and was quickly reminded of how much I love New York. I LOVE NEW YORK. No, really... I love downtown. The Upper East Side was an experiment that I will not repeat. I guess you don't know how much you love something until you lose it.

Washington Square Park Street Performer from Molly A on Vimeo.
- And finally, I had dinner in "Bay Ridge Yo" with two friends. Now that is something I wouldn't mind repeating. It was an experience. Just what you'd expect and yet only minutes away from Manhattan. People were dressed to the nines for dinner although some women weren't wearing much at all. It was the restaurant owner's birthday and the evening entertainment was a fire swallowing dancer. When we asked him what he thought her mother must think, his response was "I'm sure it was either this or stripping."