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American Express Call Center

Just applied for an American Express credit card that gives me miles. I probably should have done more research in terms of what the best cards are for miles, but figured you can't go wrong with American Express. I was disappointed to discover my credit limit isn't terribly high at all, defeating the whole purpose of applying for the card and transferring a large balance.. But I'm sure they'll have other offers soon and at least I get 0% APR on new purchases. Anyway, at my job we're always talking about authenticity and customer service. Okay.. the entire advertising / marketing world is talking about those areas. I'm not sure if it was just the woman I spoke to or the general culture at AmX but this lovely woman asked me about the weather in New York, which led me to asking her where she lived, discussing the ancestry library in Salt Lake (where she works), and then discussing what I did. She had a genuine interest in her job and clearly found pleasure in speaking with people from around the country, learning about people. I was properly welcomed into the American Express family and I'm sure that is exactly the feeling they want me to take away.