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And Not So Typical

Today I checked out the Surrey Hotel on 76th btw Madison and 5th. They're renovating in 2009 and selling everything from their hotel to the public. That's a freakin good idea. I wonder what other hotels/businesses do when they renovate. Anyway, I'm bummed that my camera's batteries were dead. But it was quite eerie. Looked like some New York disaster movie. You could roam through the hotel, and the furniture was marked with the sale price. Parts of the hotel had apartments, so you'd see the bed, kitchen, etc. all looking like they were ramsacked. Occasionally their was garbage in the room, as if they couldn't bother to clean that out. Just weird. Definitely check it out sometime soon cause I'm sure the stuff will go fast. They had decent entertainment centers, cabinets, and large bureaus for less than $300 but I couldn't imagine how much it would cost to get it back to my apartment.