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And We're Back...

Why yes, that would be the royal "we." I was sitting outside next to my favorite cafe having my favorite half curry-chicken sandwich and people-watching on my crazy street. I group of slightly ghetto women were walking, 1 of them with a baby carriage and a son, probably around 7 yrs old. Her friends spotted the porniest porn shop located next to the cafe and loudly proclaimed they wanted to get "those condoms." The young mother tells her friends she can't go in, and beacons her son to come towards her, away from the store, only moments before he walks in. He's confused and thinks he did something wrong so he hesitates to follow her. He finally obeys, she notices me watching the whole scene, and we both look at each other, and burst out laughing.

I love New York.

P.S. The girl across from me during my spinning class was bumping up and down to such an unhealthy extreme that it nearly gave me an epileptic fit... minus the fact that I don't have epilepsy.