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And.. We're Back

After throwing up a few times and watching "Get Smart" which occasionally made me dizzy, I finally decided to give up and go to sleep even though it was only 8pm. I was doing a good job of sleeping when my friend called at 9:30 to point out something I didn't want to hear and definitely woke me up. It's not his fault in assuming I'd be awake at 9:30. Fortunately I woke up feeling better. Unfortunately, now I'm sort of wide awake and would have preferred starting the work week with a good 8 hours of sleep.

So aside from my severe hang over today - (yes, I have a problem stopping my drinking when I get going - but I also know my body is abnormally sensitive to alcohol) the start of 2009 continues to be one of the best starts to a new year that I've had. Every day (aside from today), I have balanced relaxing with doing something good for myself like my 90 minute spin class. And I've reconnected with old friends, made many new friends and continue to strengthen those that I have.

Anyway, last night I was leaving my apartment for the Upper West Side when I noticed someone lost their purse with their cell phone, wallet, etc.- essentially all their worldly possessions. A tourist from Washington State no less. I used her cell phone and called "home." Her husband picked up and told me he'd call me back after calling someone else in the group. Seeing as how it was really cold and I had to meet up with my friend, I found a police officer on the street and told him the story. Eventually once I got to the Upper West side, the daughter of the woman called me and told me I'd be receiving a reward in the mail. Oooh lala. So I've already done one good deed this year and I'm glad it fell into my hands. Who knows what others would have done with the purse.

Reconnected and spent some very quality time with an old friend. Was a smart idea to stay at her apartment because I tend to get distracted easily at bars. And her friend showed up who was also very nice to see. Happy faces all around. Except of course that I tried to keep up with them, both around 5ft 11. Around one, I headed downtown to my local and "pizza boy" was there. He was happy to see me but wasn't too pleased about being ignored a few months ago when I was surrounded by a bunch of other guys. No offense. But I'm not too protective of guys who only want to sleep with me. But I did meet one sweet, cute guy who got my number. We'll see where that goes. And there was another guy who has been interested in me for a while but I sort of ignored him once pizza boy got there.

The very end of the night ended with some drama. Some drunk guy threw a bottle at one of the sweet bartenders and her lip was bleeding. In my drunken stuper, I attempted to offer whatever help was needed but the asshole manager said something to me about me being disengenous. That pissed me off and I left. And hour later, at 6 am, I got two texts, one from pizza boy and one from my bouncer asking me what I was doing. 3 minutes apart. Funny cause one doesn't like the other. What was I doing?? Oh, I don't know. Sleeping!!!??