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Another Portrait Session

On Saturday, I photographed a friend who lives in the West Village. I'm not entirely sure how successful I was in terms of my long term photography project. I think I need to do more research and plan what my subjects will wear, etc. And also not be afraid to direct them and make them dress the way I want. But I think I came away with some interesting images. What do you think?

In other news, I finally got a T.V. Only problem is that the digital antenna really doesn't work. I only get Fox 5. Ha! This just in, New York City is starting a new taxi share program. Ooh, saving money and meeting strangers. Hmm. This could be interesting. I think they do this in Hoboken. I love the oddity of the personal space contradictions in New York City. They think New Yorkers aren't friendly, but we spend a large portion of our time seriously sharing our personal space. We can only be chipper and friendly for so long.