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Another Sober Evening Out

I literally walked a mile in the second highest, second least comfortable heels I own. But it was fun, even though I was sober at super crowded, fratatious bars. Also had a Gray's Papaya's hotdog for the first time ever despite the fact that my mother apparently dated the founder back in the 70's.

Of course we ended up at Solas where I met the craziest Irish guy ever. Couldn't understand a word with his heavy accent so somehow we ended up pseudo dancing in an over the top, musical theater kind of way to the various ABBA songs and other classics. For "Rock the Boat," he completely outdid himself, took a chair cushion, put it on the floor, sat on it, then dragged me into his lap for his rendition of rock the boat. ON the floor of the bar! Thankfully a bouncer helped me to my feet and scolded him enough so we went off to another part of the bar. Yes, trouble finds me and I suppose I don't even need to be drunk for it to find me.

And this morning, had a very good brunch in the LES and sat right near Marisa Tomei. Just another typical Manhattan brunch celebrity sighting..