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To answer your question, the guy below is my new, and very cool friend. I have no idea how he did it. I tricked him into doing the "crazy face" so I could photograph him. And he obliged, then did some cool computer shizzizzle to make the photos move.

And answer- yes, I am home on a Friday night. BUT for good reason. I went out to dinner with a friend, had a lovely time. Then we headed to my usual and local haunt where I had to apologize to my bartender, bouncer, etc. for not making it to their New Year's Eve party. What can I say. Someone wouldn't let me. Hmm. But I'm not complaining. At which point, my friend and I proceeded to get hit on. It was fairly dead. This guy who macked it to me a few weeks ago was there. He's cute, plays soccer, is a graphic designer, etc. There's one catch. He's married. In fact, I distinctly remember talking to him for a while last time, realizing he was married and being like- "yo, what's the deal?? Go home to your wife! I don't roll that way." I guess he forgot that part of the conversation. So question. Why do men do that? If he's going to cheat he could at least not wear his ring. Even his friends were encouraging his flirtatious with me, insisting that he buy us a round of drinks.

In any case, my friend had to leave and I realized I'd only get myself into trouble by staying. Besides, I ain't no other woman. And supposedly I have an hour and a half spin class tomorrow. Holy crap. So I'm home. And thus my awesome start to 2009 continues. So far, it is continuing to be the perfect mix of meeting new people, developing new friendships, maintaining old, chillaxing and exploring the city. Bring it. On. Life is good and I am thankful for what I have.