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Apartment Search and then Some

I'm taking the Upper East Side off the table again. I hung out there yesterday and although it's close to the park and people I hang out with, I just feel like it's too generic. Not sure how I feel about the general population that lives there. I love how each neighborhood in New York has a distinct character even from one block to another. Plus having to wait for the 456 probably takes just as long as having to wait for any train in Brooklyn.

In other news, I went to the doctor again- follow appointment. This is nothing new, but apparently I have to give up all refined carbs if I want to lose weight. My doctor put it in terms that I could understand- it's like being an alcoholic.. all or nothing. I have to give it all up because apparently I can't handle moderation. Yeah, that's pretty accurate. Although ironically, he didn't try to deter me from having a glass of red wine every once in while. In fact, he seemed to encourage it. It's definitely harder to plan meals given this information. Seems like refined carbs are easier to grab on the go but yeah, I already know this. Anyway, I'm making an announcement in the hopes that it will keep more motivated. Besides, there ain't no AA for reformed refined carbaholics. Okay, maybe there is- it's called Overeaters Anonymous but I'm not ready to go there. Anyway, you can put off a lot of things, but you can't put off weightloss.

So um, here's to the first day of the rest of my life. That would be tomorrow I mean. No more refined carbs. No more pizza, no more bagels (actually gave that up months ago), no more bread basket, or pasta, or pastries, or muffins. BUT here's to cheese!, nuts, peanut butter, butter, delicious vegetables, fruit, and anything creamy and fatty.

I suppose I'll keep you posted on my progress. The goal is to lose 20 pounds by November. I'm hoping that by telling my readers that, I'll be more likely to achieve it.