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Apartment Search Continued

I can't say that I really understand the whole apartment search process. Okay. I'm not an idiot. I understand it, just don't think it makes sense. You have hundreds of different brokers and agencies all offering the same types of apartments- just different listings. And us poor saps looking for apartments have to organize and field all these different calls while coordinating times to see the apartments. I guess in the end, you realize that everyone knows the market. You're not going to find a gem for exactly the right price in exactly the right location with the right sized room, etc. because presumably, the owner will know its worth.

So we've been working with Brownstone Listings, Rapid NYC, Brick Brooklyn, Citihabitats, individual building owners, etc. Any advice? I'm starting to realize that brownstones in high demand Brooklyn really just contain rooms that are 10ft by 11ft or maybe that's just our price range. According to my horoscope, August is a better month for me to move but who knows about that stuff. Haven't talked to my current or future roommate about the possibility of things getting pushed back plus I'm feeling the strong need for a change.

Do we dare throw our search back to Manhattan- back to modern, large apartment complexes in the Upper East Side?