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Apartments and Cha cha cha Changes

I'm definitely enjoying my stay in San Francisco. It's been so relaxing to walk around alone and explore, then meet up with my friend for dinner and drinks. Plus it's nice to wake up to sunlight! Even with the shades drawn closed, we get more light pleasantly waking us up in the morning, than in my apartment. I guess it's for the best since people start their work days here at 8am. Yikes! I've been contemplating moving here just because if I'm going to live somewhere else for a time, now is it. I'm single. Have no babies. Have tons of friends in New York and my family is there but I can always keep in touch with them.

I think my sub-conscious freaked out about all my thoughts about change. I had a bad dream this morning that involved people changing our office around completely while I was away. They moved my desk to uncover a family of kittens. Looked up kittens and it said something about an independent, playful spirit. Hmm. Anyway, I was sort of freaked out about it all. Then I went to tell this couple about the situation, blah blah blah, and woke up to see my friend (who was in my dream) texted me. Weird.

That's all for now mainly cause I need to get my butt out the door and continue exploring. My friend's apartment is beautiful. She has tons of space and only pays slightly more than I do even though she has a studio. Perhaps if I don't move to San Francisco, I'll at least finally move to Brooklyn where I'll have more space. Cha cha cha changes.