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Are you there god? It's me, Molly..

I can't say whether or not there is a god, but if there is, he/she definitely has a sense of humor. I went out with my coworker and her bf prepared for our usual night of debauchery but with a twist- we started out at Vig Bar instead of Solas. And who did we meet at Vig Bar? Why yes, you guess it, a bunch of Irish guys. She was hilariously and delightfully drunk after drinking on an empty stomach- pretty much the life of the party. The boys were game- and I kid you not-- one is a dolphin trainer. Yes, they do exist and some travel across the large, dolphin filled pond to practice their "craft."

As was expected, coworker and bf wanted to get food and cut out early, so I suggested we at least go to my hood so I can visit my homeland. Upon arriving at my safe, overly crowded enclave where everyone knows my name, I found my "bar friend" visiting from DC and "my" bartender adorably clean cut with a new haircut. But alas, no cute boys or at least ones over 25.

Okay this is a long one.. in order to understand the irony of last night, I'll have to first take you back to 2 months ago.... I met a guy at Solas, my bartender introduced us, etc. Wasn't attracted to him at first but eventually found him witty, interesting, etc. In any case, he wanted to go home with me cause the bar was closing. Oh wait, no.. he wanted to go home with me cause he's a GUY. And I was hesitant, but after getting pizza, obliged. So we get to my apt, and he realizes he wants another SLICE of pizza! I'm like, okay, you're weird.. but send him off anyway. And he doesn't come back! It's not until the next morning that I literally hit my hand on my forehead and realized he got locked out. So for the last two months, I've been thinking about him, trying to find him, etc. Hence my Solas frequents. And finally run into his roommate a few weeks ago and get his number. Then of course was away last weekend.

AND back to last night. I texted him trying to find out where he was. I gotz a schedule and knew I didn't want to go out tonight. So I'm waiting for him to text me back, and eventually start talking to some cute guy that went to Georgetown freaking law, was sweet, etc. But pizza boy texted me back and I had to be like.. "I'm meeting someone" to prevent further awkwardness. Actually he was probably just looking for ass cause he asked if I wanted to get out of there before he knew my name. Wait, all guys are looking for ass.

So finally, to the point. After 2 months of searching, pizza boy showed up plastered. Was not attracted to him at all. But was still kind of curious to know what had me so attracted to him in the first place. Was it in his kiss.. haha. All my peeps were like, we have you're back.. But yeah. So irony of all ironies. I suppose I can move on now.