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August Rush

Just saw August Rush. Pretty good movie. Sort of Disney like- weird to see Robin Williams as the bad guy. And everything was very clean as far as the whole serendipity, coincidences thing. But the music made up for it, and I have a girl crush on Keri Russel big time. Jonathan Ryce Myers isn't so bad either. The last line was something like, "the music is all around us. You just have to listen." That kind of thinking is bigger than the movie and something I believe in. Maybe I've seen one too many episodes of Oprah, but I definitely believe there's something to be said about what the universe is telling you, and sort of following signs. I guess you believe what you want to believe. But seriously.

Like for instance, there was one job I had last year that I wouldn't have necessarily taken if I hadn't been working briefly for a crazy person. Ended up being somewhat life changing. Or my apartment. After walking into dozens of apartments and meeting countless potential, future roommates- I walked into this one 2 1/2 years ago and it just felt right. Then other things came together. My apt number happens to be a long time favorite number of mine. It's on the 3rd floor.. and these 2 numbers were my winning numbers for this year's Super Bowl pool. And the list goes on.