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Back on Track

I think I got a significant amount of partying out of my system this weekend. Went out Thursday, Friday, Saturday night and today brunch transitioned into beer and football watching. Fortunately, aside from Thursday night, I actually managed to limit my alcohol intake to 3 drinks or less and was a champion at nursing my drink. And despite being sober, I still stayed out to 3 and 4 am and got my dance on.

Unfortunately, today I didn't balance out my partying with healthy eating.. today for brunch I had some heavily breaded, cheesy foccaccia. The restaurant, Morandi, seemed very chic and the place to be, so I was surprised that my choice didn't come close to containing members of the four food groups. At the bar, I fulfilled my vegetable needs with french onion soup. And after a long nap post bar, rounded out the day with 16 Handles frozen yogurt and then... Pomme Frites. So all in all, spent $40 on total crap.