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Because It's Friday

I finally fully recovered from Take Your Kids to Work Day. I think my biological clock temporarily stopped ticking. So I've been super duper busy, and out of laziness, but also cause I think it's interesting- I'm reposting, reposting from APhotoEditor. While you're at it, check out Martin Schoeller's images and those also represented by his rep Vaughan Hannigan. Honestly, I nearly had a cow when I checked out Julia's photos the other day. I've seen a few before but didn't know the photographer's name. Her fantastical setup with teenagers among minature structions was sort of the type of feel I was going for with my last photo shoot.

A Third Is Photography, A Third Is Diplomacy, And A Third Is Politics

Martin Schoeller talks with writer Charlie Fish (read more here) for a piece in Resource Magazine. Here’s a couple quotes:

“If you’re going to take a picture, really try to make it the best picture you’ve ever taken, every time. Always strive for the best you can do.” This level of professionalism requires that you live, breathe and eat photography, and that every step along the way is executed with great attention to—what else—the details. “If you want to be a photographer,” he advises, “Be a photographer ten hours a day instead of spending five hours retouching some half-ass picture you don’t like in the first place.”

Schoeller reveals, “If you want to do portraits, you have to be outgoing and be able to engage people. I always say a third is photography, a third is diplomacy, and a third is politics. By doing a lot of research and finding out what they have done in the recent past I know where their mind is at. I’m able to engage them in a conversation so they forget for a moment that they’re being photographed.” While this may be common practice to many photographers, Schoeller’s research manifests itself in another way. “I always play music that I think they might like, or remind them of their childhood. We always have a little stereo with us.”