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Best Birthday

This is a drunk off of more than a half a bottle of red wine post. So this was one of my best birthdays.. ever. Work was good. Had very good birthday cake and my coworkers did a good job of tricking me to go downstairs to the kitchen.. i.e. "the pope is on TV. don't you want to see him?" Chocolate mousse cake from whole foods = superb.

Then I went out with a very good friend of mine for wine at Morrell's then dinner at Bobby Flay's Bar American. I.e. I felt like a downtown girl in a Midtown world. J/k. I had a delicious steak with a side of spinach and Malbec. At some point, I left for the ladies room and came back to my partner in crime speaking to the ladies sitting next to us. So I could tell that they were half listening to our conversation and proclaimed loudly.. "you ordered a whole bottle?? I thought you were getting only a half??!!" So fast forward to an hour later and somehow we starting talking to the ladies next to us. One was very loud and fun, and from Chicago. I slipped in that it was my birthday and she calls over the waiter, loudly proclaims that the fine young man failed to mention this. 10 minutes later I have decadently delicious chocolate cake sitting in front of me with "Happy Birthday" in chocolate syrup and a candle. Really couldn't ask for anything more. This makes up for all the bad bdays.. So we pushed our tables together and offered them the cake. Our awesome waiter Patrick brought our new friends plates and folks. And our new friends taught us about life and love. And we shared our views on living in New York. Seriously. My evening was "so New York." So feel free to ask for him by name, give him a big tip and spread the wealth. :)

And I thank my friends for being so good to me. Gotta spread the love. Mwaaaah!