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I was supposed to have a date tonight but he canceled last minute. No explanation. But hopefully he has a good one. So instead of showing off my music trivia knowledge.. or the little that I have, I ended up chillaxing at Barnes and Noble and reading photography books. I guess at least I was productive and inspired at times. But fairly bitter. Okay, at least I didn't drink... And managed to enjoy myself.

I had to leave the apartment because my roommate had 8 girls over for her book club. A book that I eventually want to read. And there was one girl who had a shrill, annoying voice, and was talking about obnoxious things like how her mom was turning old and wrinkled. I wanted to throw something at her head. But instead, I ran out of the apartment to Barnes and Noble. In fact, I don't think I've ever managed to blow dry my hair and get ready that quickly before.

On top of that, I turned down a date with a highly educated, interesting lawyer. But someone who's sort of a douche. Okay. You kids wanted dirt and drama. There ya go. As a consolation, I got hot chocolate from Starbucks and now I'm overly full. Such is life.