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Boobies, Burlesque and Cupcakes?

Went to a Bust party at the South Street Seaport at the invite of a friend. I thought, what the hell, this could be interesting. Could have sworn seeing a reference on the invite to cupcakes, but alas we could find none. In place of cupcakes, there were lots of lesbians. Not lipstick lesbians. Well.. okay, some. But yeah, the excitement of being surrounded by flannel-clad lesbians just doesn't compare to the excitement of free cupcakes. Was a hiccup in my cupcake dreams..

A text transcript from the night:

ME: I am surrounded by lesbians and burlesque dancers.
BOY #1: You take wandering and pondering to a whole new level!!
BOY #2: Can I go? Yo, new phone, who is this so I can save the #?
ME to Boy #2: The one and only ...
BOY #2: Haha, who else but you has such luck. Make me proud.
ME: They ain't no lipstick lesbians. Boobies and flannel.