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Another sad and rainy day. Just got my college alumni newsletter and for the second time this summer, there was an "In memoriam" for someone from the class of 2008. Jeeze. Those poor kids. And for the second time, there's very little information as to how they died so I can only guess, but I can still see the 1 photo from their private facebook pages along with various obituries. I guess that's part of life but it's obviously still sad.

Towards the end of my senior year, a classmate committed suicide by shooting himself. Most of us had some idea who he was but didn't know him that well. I can distinctly and perfectly picture the night he killed himself. My friends and I saw him at our usual bar sitting by himself a table away from us. I remember feeling bad that he was by himself, and my friends and I mutually agreed that he was cute, looked nice and that we should go over and talk to him.. but none of us had the guts to do so. Of course, we were all left wondering what would have happened if we had said something. And even if our not doing so, and that loneliness was an inputus for something he was thinking of doing anyway.