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I WANDERED around Brooklyn today- Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO. Man... like a whole new world. Just kidding. But I really love those hoods. Both are so different but only a few blocks apart. I guess Brooklyn Heights reminds me of the West Village a little.. beautiful, historic brownstones and a nice shopping area. Obviously a serious waterfront view. We went to Grimaldi's and had amazing pizza-definitely worth the half hour wait in the freezing cold. And to round out our gastronomical delights, hit up Jacque Torres for some seriously chocolately hot chocolate. DUMBO reminds me of the Meatpacking district in its architecture but more artistically inspirational, focusing on interior design and photography versus high end clothing and nightlife. This picture brings things full circle----chocolate covered cheerios...

And I saw these guys on the subway going back. They're awesome. Perfectly referencing Kid 'n Play and hip hop of the early 90's. This pic doesn't capture their high tops.. man, watch out. Looks like the early 90's are coming back. It makes me want to jump, jump!

My favorite home store- West Elm and dream color scheme..