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Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg

I just moved into Prospect Heights yesterday and am kicking myself for not moving to Brooklyn earlier. So much of Brooklyn reminds me of San Francisco with their more laid back attitude, plethora of internet cafes and creative culture that's missing in Manhattan as a whole. I know this is all obvious but you don't realize it fully until you actually spend more time in Brooklyn. I guess I shouldn't kick myself too much because I spent 4 years on St. Mark's in the East Village and had a pretty sweet deal... but .. Yesterday I had a delicious dinner with a friend I met on Twitter - I know - hello 2011! The first bar we hit had outdoor seating AND, I ran into 2 people I went to Skidmore with who weren't together. Random. I'm excited to see the whole crop of people from my past that I'm likely to run into now that I'm in BK.

So a while ago, I posted pictures of the looks and styles of people in San Francisco. A few weeks ago, I hit up the Brooklyn Flea market in Williamsburg. I've never been that big on Flea markets. As much I love history, I often think that Flea markets are selling the stuff that I have around the house that I want to get rid of.. but as far as the BK Flea goes, I can come back every week and stay completely entertained. Aside from antiques and vintage clothing, there are indulgent, exciting food stands like lobster rolls! and novelty items that I wish I thought of, like a necklace carved out of a record! But a picture tells a thousand words right?