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Camera Question

I'm debating whether or not to get my Pentax Super Program film camera from the 80's fixed or purchase another used camera. The camera repair guy quoted about $150. I checked B&H to see if they had the same camera and they were selling it for $240 so at least I know that purchasing another camera isn't the same price as fixing this one. Despite being heavy and VERY manual, it does have sentimental value. Mischief the cat clearly doesn't like this camera though and it's taken a lot of abuse when it was in the hands of my sister. Mischief knocked the flash and broke it so I'll have to skip using a flash. And apparently a friend of my sister's may have knocked one of the lenses so I no longer have use of my 50mm. Boo. And then there's the cost of getting the film developed/ scanned but who can deny the beauty of the rich blacks in film. Any thoughts.

Found this link - here's the camera.