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Camping.. Day 2 Part Two

So where was I? Got off on a tangent about the contradictions of camping and the modern world. Presidency here I come.

After a full day of paddling and enjoying the sites on the second day, we realized we'd better get a camp site fast before they filled up. Fortunately, we got the last open site. If we had missed it, we would have had to paddle to the end- only another hour but we were barely able to move our arms. Anywho, we got the most ghetto camp site ever. I now know what makes a good site and what's bad. It was on a fairly small island and had absolutely no privacy. There were no paths to go off and deal with mother nature and if I wanted to change, I ended up either flashing the two guys I was with, or giving the kayakers a show. On the bright side, since we were on an island, we could rest peacefully knowing we wouldn't be attacked by bears.

Once again, we had to haul the canoe and kayak up a treacherously steep, muddy incline. We rested both on a patch of grass and tied them to some large, dead trees. Then spent the next hour building a fire and eating way too much food. I still don't know whose idea it was to tear into 2 freeze dried dinners and some Shop-Rite canned pasta totaling enough food for 10 people. Needless to say my stomach was not happy and I soon learned why I could never eat to excess if I lived out in the woods. However, an hour later, my stomach recovered for campfire roasted marsh mellows. Yes, there will always be room for those. In fact, my friend and I attacked the already hung up food bag, like bears, to access the puff balls of sugar.

Back to another night of tossing, turning and trying to block out the sounds with my bad ear. Every time I fell asleep, my friend woke up, sat up and told us all to hush, and that he heard something in the woods. My response was that you might as well go to sleep and ignore it cause it wasn't like you could do anything. I'm sort of sad I missed it and tuned out cause his impression the next day of the curious creature outside our tent was an interesting mix of the alien from Signs and a large affectionate cat.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of our harrowing night. Around 3:30 am, all awake from the mysterious creature outside, it started to thunder and lightening. It could have been 3am, but ever since "Paranormal State," I refuse to look at the clock if I think it's 3am (dead hour) when all the spirits come out. Then it started to POUR. I vowed never again to love summer thunder storms and to wish they'd last longer. We all realized that the impact of the torrential rain on our boats security and started praying they wouldn't slide into the river. That was the longest 45 minutes in recent memory and I think I was either counting the seconds or praying 90% of the time. The lightening illuminating the tent was a perfect scene out of a horror movie and my friend was kind enough to relay a horror movie type story before we went to bed that night. Okay, so I have a wild imagination. My prayers were answered. The rain stopped, our boats remained secure and there were no ax murderers outside our tent.

The next morning we woke up early and hit the water before most people were up. I think the last hour of our journey was the most relaxing, beautiful part of the trip. The perfectly calm water reflected the sky and surrounding trees. At times, it looked like we were paddling into the sky. And just like that, my three day adventure was over.