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Camping / Kayaking/ Canoing Trip Day 2

Pictures won't be for a while. I can't be bringing my digital camera into the wilderness and I ain't got enough dough for some fancy iPhone...

It was amazing how after one night, the river looked very different. There was a beautiful, misty fog making the river and camp site picturesque. The muddy waters from the storm seemed to have cleared and the water level lowered, allowing us an easier route to the river. I was at this point, more afraid of our friend the bear than ever but so no evidence of his company. Although I ain't no tracker.

For some reason, the second day seemed more enjoyable. Perhaps we seemed further away from civilization and the roads. We paddled through the section of the river that curves, passing beautiful cliffs, islands, very light rapids, and perfectly quiet open expanses of the river. I felt like I was finally taking in all the nature around me. But also had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I wasn't sure if I could handle another night in the woods fearing the bears and dealing with the calls of nature, out in nature. On the other hand, I wanted to push myself to the limits. Be on a mini vacation, away from the comforts of home.

I noticed the irony of paying a company so that we can have an outdoor experience. So we can experience how people have lived for thousands of years. But how on the other hand, we had some fairly high tech, expensive equipment from our water proof bags, to our self inflating sleeping mats, and our freeze dried dinners. I noticed the irony of our instant oatmeal taking 40 minutes to make after building a fire and boiling water. Or how when doing your natural business, you think you're giving back to nature until you realize that you've consumed more preservatives and chemicals on the trip through countless energy bars, canned and bagged food than you probably would in the comforts of your own home. And that nowadays, even knowing about survival techniques and frequently camping, is an expensive "hobby" that only those with the time and money can afford. Everything is completely backwards. And supposedly it's liberal to want to conserve our environment?

Well for one, you certainly can't indulge in the American culture of excess while out in the woods. Whether it's the issue of having to carry everything you eat and your garbage, or the total inconvenience of ridding yourself of what you eat- definitely can't over indulge.

Gotta get out of the house. Have the sniffles and feel like crap but might as well get some fresh air. More to come tonight about day two and an even scarier night in the woods.