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Cards on the Table

My life is getting to be something out of a movie. Definitely a comedy. This is totally embarrassing but I'll repeat the story anyway. On Sunday, I prepared for a run - first time running in a few weeks. I had just popped a small zit. Come on.. we all have them. And had a big blotchy red spot on my cheek. I thought it over for a minute. Do I cover it up? Will I run into anyone on the East River towards Carl Schurz Park? And a thought flashed in my mind. What if I ran into my ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend (well at least I think he has a new GF). Then thought.. no, that would be ridiculous. So I headed out, realizing that eventually my whole face would be red from running. Mind you, I've had a fantastic few days so I think part of my thinking was just "fuck it." I'm going to San Francisco in October and got into an advertising program that I worked very hard to get into. I've been meeting some super duper awesome people lately and putting myself into good situations. These last few weeks/months have been the best I've had in years - I believe. I digress.

While on my walk over the bridge (presumably still with red blotch) some cute guy smiled at me. I'm assuming it was a flirtatious smile. So I thought.. okay, what ever has been going on with me has made me appealing even while sweaty and in running shorts. I pushed myself for a mile then walked through Carl Schurz Park. And then I saw him. My ex boyfriend. Alone - thank god. With a sketchbook. I stopped. Turned around and considered walking the other way. Then realized it was too late and that he saw me and that we'd have to talk. I threw up my hands in mock frustration and then walked towards him. We talked. It was awkward. I didn't tell him how amazing my life has been lately. And how I was radiating with happiness. Instead, I cut the conversation short and told him I'd be heading the other way, continuing my run. And then I ran like the wind. As cheesy as this seems. I ran like I was free, out of joy. Out of awesomeness. We met by running into each other essentially three days in a row (after having met eight months prior). While we were dating, we ran into each other on the subway. And now it's totally over and we ran into each other again. I believe in fate, but in this case, all I see is that there was a beginning, middle and an end.

Good night!