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Molly Sims at Fashion Week
Molly Sims - One of my favorite shots.
Milla Jovavich and her amazing eyes
The whole experience was very exciting. I got to see Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist in action as well as Garance Dore. It was tough trying to "make friends" with the models turned photographers but one was very nice. I guess the trick is trying to play it cool. Tonight I'm skipping my spinning class (gasp!) and the gym, to play paparazzo again at the Marc Jacobs show. Location secret. And then perhaps chilling outside a Cynthia Rowley party. Hopefully my hands will stay warm in the cold. yeah, so if you like my celebrity stalking approach, pass my link along and click on the ads. Baby needs a new camera. Like the 5D! I know. Craziness. I already want a new camera.