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NY Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2012 Collections

I spent a limited amount of time outside the "tents" but I have a feeling most of the major celebrities either went through a secret entrance or the bigger named shows were moved to locations outside of Lincoln Center. Given the stampede of photographers and fans surrounding Kimora Lee Simmons and Joan Rivers, I can only imagine what kind of attention bigger named celebrities would have drawn. And I don't think there would have been enough bodyguards to protect them. So Kimora Lee Simmons is freaking tall. The funny thing is that in real life, if you're a woman who's 6ft tall, that's kind of awkward which is a good reminder that most models are almost weird looking in real life. I mean it's hard enough to date in NYC as it is but can you imagine having to then narrow down your choices to men above 6ft tall? Kelly Osbourne looked stunning even with purple hair. She has literally managed to transform herself by losing weight and I hope it's a happy, sustainable weight for her. They both managed to grow into their brands in such a classy way that for a moment, I literally forgot that they both rose to fame as reality T.V. stars.