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Celebrity Filled and Productive Saturday - Recap

Fortunately, it did not rain yesterday. Instead of spending a lazy day inside as planned, my day was productive and action packed. I started off by heading downtown with the intention of buying certain unmentionables in Soho. After taking 10 minutes to cross the street against the crowds and entering the store, I realized that was the dumbest idea ever. So I went back to the quieter, less insane NoLita and had a sandwich at MJ Bookstore. Great, relaxing spot with excellent food. Just make sure you get a table first. And I discovered these beautiful mugs called Miam.Miam Moda which I'm sooo buying for my next apartment.

After lunch, I walked back up towards my apartment holding my camera, determined to get one decent shot. On Bleeker, approaching the Bowery, I noticed a swarm of activity and eventually realized I was walking directly across the street from Rachel Bilson. The swarm of activity was actually a swarm of paparazzi. Not wanting to be one myself, I played it cool, sometimes even walking in front of her. We were heading in the same direction anyway. I eventually removed myself from the insanity and lost track of her whereabouts.

After months of not going, I finally went to my weight lifting then spin class at Crunch with my all time favorite teacher Carl. I'm surprisingly not in pain today even though he made us do 100 push ups. I thought he wasn't serious when he was telling us to do them. Holy crap. Did 20 manly and about 60 girlie push ups in between moments of inactivity where I was willing my arms to work. Yeah, during spin, I was sweating Carbernet Savignon. On the way home, I stopped off at Whole Foods for grub and money, hoping that people would find my post work out, sweaty and flushed cheeks attractive. Then still in a post workout daze, I chilled in Union Square, where I caught a dance off - inspiring! And back to St. Mark's where the day portion of my perfect Saturday ended with a bang. The Brothers Moving was playing in front of the old Kim's Video store. Obviously had to do some research to get to that point and bought their CD. They're 3 brothers and one other band mate from Denmark.

As my roommate pointed out, it's unlikely I'll experience this kind of day while living in Brooklyn but I'm still set on my decision.

And for the evening portion.. I met up with friends at the Annex. I generally try to avoid the LES and any place with a cover. The bar sort of looked like any other bar in the LES but super duper dark. Like dark to the point that if I ever go again, I won't put myself together. In fact I'll look grungy, where a hat and hope people mistake me for a celebrity. Oh- speaking of celebs, Winona Ryder was there. She's tiny. Maybe tinier than Rachel Bilson. Agnes Dynes was there- the blonde haired super model (do they have super models now?) and Michael Pitt was there. Exciting stuff. I'm sure there were a shit ton of other celebs there but it was so dark. Oh- so maybe that's why they hang out there.

The night ended at the pizza joint on Second Avenue. I know, I know. I shouldn't have. Since all the other tables were taken, these two guys (who I learned were Swedish) sat with me. I also learned that Swedes speak a dialect of German that the Germans don't understand and isn't a written language. And that not everyone living in Zurich is rich despite all the banking. Hmm... sound familiar. So over all, a very interesting day. I'm now looking forward to my uneventful, rainy Sunday.