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Ch Ch Ch Changes

Hate to beat a dead horse, I've had a great few months. Not only have I met some very cool people, but have ended relationships that were superficial and unhealthy. Rather than hang with people who constantly focus on the past and the lives of others, I have met people who are creative, inspiring, genuine and multifaceted. I guess everything happens for a reason.

As an example of someone who is creative, talented and inspiring, definitely check out the work of Matt Silver. I just saw an anthology of his films at The Anthology Films Archives on Second Avenue. I don't have a background in film but it's very obvious that this guy is talented. He offers a unique insight into common themes, whether it's marriage, the relationship between mother and son, how to deal with a bully or how to get over life's obstacles. And most of the work shown was done in high school and college!

Final side note of the evening- why are hipster girls so incredibly attractive?? I mean really? What's the deal? Are they thin from doing drugs? Is it their style? Are they all aspiring actresses? This is a mystery I have yet to solve. Hipster guys aren't so bad either. Maybe the bohemian lifestyle or that of a starving artist is better on the physique.