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Cha cha cha changes

Last night I was thinking about how much my life has completely changed between February '07 and February '08. Pretty much every aspect of my life is different except a few friendships, my gym schedule and my family. Last year, I was temping without health insurance at a company completely different than where I'm working now- at a millionaire's loft in Tribeca and very small company. Now I work at a medium sized ad agency that's part of a larger holding company- with very down to earth, friendly people. Last year I was dating an older guy who seemed cultured and interesting and I thought it would last. It didn't. This year, I'm single.

I have ended friendships since then and started new friendships. I even have a new roommate. My sister is in college for her first year. My parents finally have the house to themselves. They have a new kitten. I'm no longer constantly broke. My financial luck has changed. And when I say LUCK, I mean it. The bad luck I had in previous years financially were due to odd medical things like a gall bladder removal.. But this year, my financial luck has come in the form of Super Bowl winnings, universal government rebates and weird pay roll flukes. I even found a $20 bill a few weeks ago on the side walk. And the list goes on. 1 long time friend got married this year. At least 3 friends got engaged. The list goes on.

One thing that I've learned and hopefully any one who reads this will realize is that we have endless potential and there are infinite possibilities. I mean seriously. There were so many times when I was frustrated, thinking why me, and how bad could things get. Then they actually got worse. But as cliche as this is, it's made me stronger. And taught me to persevere and stay positive because things will get better. Everyone goes through ups and downs. So might as well enjoy the ride.