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I feel like a champion. I managed to accomplish everything I needed to do today including time for chillaxing. After a hectic day at work, ran over to Adorama and purchased a flash for my camera. Got a $40 discount thanks to my smile and charm. Hopefully I'll use it beyond my one assignment. Then ran through the Picture House event- i.e. where all the stock houses convene. Probably one of the most important events of the year in my industry and I should have gotten there earlier but didn't really have time to speak with that many people. Plus they give you about 5 canvas bags filled with image catalogues so within a half hour, you can't feel your arm. And I ran out of business cards.

After attempting to find a cab, I realized the smartest decision was to run back to the office and drop off my swag. Unfortunately, people were still there. Such is the life of advertising. With much pain in my feet and nearly my arm partially numb, I quickly ran to my next event downtown. Didn't find a cab until about a half a mile later. Finally arrived at my last event on Houston and Mercer filled with hot, young, dark haired, Brooklynish, artsy guys. And I mean filled. Sausage fest. But I was with two male former coworkers and in too much feet pain to work it. Plus if I didn't pick up my laundry, I'd end up going through another half-hour- what to wear situation. So sadly, I left. And in keeping with my habit of running into everyone I know, a guy from my college ran onto the elevator right before it closed.

And final accomplishment- Got my laundry! Ready for another day of insanity.