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Charlotte Gray and Purple

Wow, there's nothing like a best friend who knows you better than yourself. Yes, as my WCS pointed out, most of my stylish ladies were wearing purple. Hey.. I had a limited selection of photos. There are only so many times I can candidly photograph people without them questioning my motives.

Oy, just saw Charlotte Gray. Was absolutely a beautiful film that kept me on the edge of my seat. I definitely cried hysterically out loud a few times. Any World War II film/ holocaust tends to have that effect on me. The absolute cruelty of the Nazis continues to upset and astound me. I, like everyone else of course, thinks Hitler should rot in hell and feel the pain that he caused for all eternity. I wonder if he does feel anything. That's one event in history that questions my "everything happens for a reason" theory.

And just as moving, also related to Germany- I saw Spring Awakening last night. The music and energy was great. I liked the "rock opera" feel that was somehow more timeless than Rent despite it taking place in the early part of the 20th century. In some ways, the musical paralleled Charlotte Gray in that it demonstrated how with love comes pain. But that in the end, you'll get through the pain and love is what really matters.

Okay, after.. errr.. 4 + hours of TV/ movie watching, it's time for some reading.

Peace and Love.