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Christmas in Schmersey

This is one of the first weeks since I was unemployed that I've had absolutely no obligations. Very few errands and can just spend it hanging out. Actually, this is the first week between Christmas and New Years since 2005 that I've had a paid vacation and wasn't freelancing! Despite the turmoil in the financial sector, and various other tragedies, I feel that overall, this has been a fantastic year for me. More on that when I do my "look back."

But for now, here's a sampling of what Christmas in Schmersey is like for me. It involves going to the 5pm Carol Readings at St. Peter's in Citicorp Center where my sister and I, like two children with undiagnosed ADD, scope out the cute boys, write notes on our program, get distracted by the adorable children, sing our hearts outs, and get teary eyed when we listen to the beautiful music and feel the love among our family and congregation.

The ride back into New Jersey included us singing our hearts out some more- this time to Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terril. Our newest tradition has been to get bagels and lox. Perhaps a nod to the Jewish half of our Jewthuranism despite my doctor's orders to limit my carbs. This year we got caught up watching National Treasure on TV as a family, so involved that we post-poned opening presents. Finally, we sat in the living room to open up presents- a Christmas Eve tradition that is apparently Norwegian. Despite perpetuating my extreme impatience and tendency towards instant gratification, I feel it's more romantic and relaxing. Instead of opening our presents groggy-eyed, we sit, laugh, and enjoy.