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I was supposed to hit a spinning class but then didn't feel so hot and realized I needed to find an outfit for tonight. Unfortunately, for the first time ever, I brought my gym clothes including spinning sneakers and 2 magazines to keep me entertained before class. So I had to lug them around while I shopped in the crowded Flat Iron, and had a vegan apple muffin at the farmer's market.

Before heading into Forever 21 at Union Square, I heard chanting and saw a massive crowd of people. It was a peaceful protest and candle lighting to honor those Tibetans tortured by the Chinese. The images definitely brought tears to my eyes and I found myself mesmerized by both the chants and graceful movements of the men ceremoniously lighting the candles. Then, as most New Yorker's have probably done, without thinking of the connection, purchased two items of very cheap clothing that was probably manufactured by underpaid Chinese workers. In continuing my failed attempt for balance on my walk home, I stopped in at Jamba juice and purchased the most unhealthy, chocolate, banana and peanut butter shake with, of course, protein powder and vitamins to supplement my dinner.

And tonight, I'll probably drink too much and stay out too late, but all in the name of charity. Seriously, I would have stayed in tonight if it wasn't for the charity aspect of tonight's festivities. I'm going to a bar event benefiting an animal rescue organization, hosted by a former college classmate.