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Crunch Fort Greene

I ventured to Brooklyn for Carl's spin class since I missed last night's. Actually, I've been meaning to check out the gym for while now since it's sort of part of my move decision. As brave as I am when it comes to being thrown into new situations, it takes a big push for me to check out other Crunch gyms- i.e. a familiar face. The first thing I noticed was how predominantly black it was compared to the Manhattan Crunch's I usually go to. Or maybe it was 50-50 and the Manhattan gyms are mostly white. As much as people just assume that all of New York is one big melting pot, there are tons of neighborhoods that are less diverse than my home town. Like the East Village- most people thing it's the eclectic mix of people- and it is.. but it's really mainly middle class to upper middle class white, maybe Indian, maybe Asian.. Upper East Side? Upper West Side? Forget about it. I'd feel nearly out of place in my standby purple skinny Uniqlo pants and gray Converse. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I've gone backwards in my "surrounded by diversity" department since I've graduated high school.

In conclusion- Carl's class was insanely hard. The class had a good vibe and I can get used to Brooklyn. Maybe I'll even start reading more like a normal person cause I'll have subway time.