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Dates and Schmersey

Two very unrelated subjects.

Can't wait to get to Schmersey and am going tomorrow morning.

1. Find negative of picture I took in Rome with shitty disposable camera.
2. Find zip drive with scans of pictures I took from college.
3. Find other Boyz II Men CD's.
4. Listen to Traveling Wilburys and decide whether or not to download on laptop.
5. Hybernate.
6. Watch lots of movies.
7. Not leave the warm comfort of my parent's house.
8. Take some indoor photos.
9. Chillax with Mischief the Cat and Lola.

AND my dating comment. It shall be noted that my outfit has mostly matched with my date's for all three dates. 1st = both wearing same color purple shirt and charcoal gray coat. 2 = he wore black and I wore white. Okay (that's stretching it). 3rd = he wore various shades of neutral greens and grays. And I wore sort of a plum color and browns. okay, peace. Love and Stay Warm.