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Dating Adventure

I just got back from a date that I went on with a guy that I met at Solas. Oddly (or sadly) this is the first date, I believe, with a guy I met at Solas. I think the key was that he got my number and had to leave right off the bat before we could do something stupid, like make out at the bar. We went to Far Cat in the West Village. Definitely seems like a cool hang out. Was fairly large and underground. Had ping pong, scrabble, shuffle board, pool and a bunch of other games. Did I mention Ping Pong!!?? We passed on the ping pong, thinking it was a bit too competitive and physical for a first date, and went with scrabble instead. But we were seated next to the biggest nerds ever. Like the kind that are fairly anti-social and unknowingly mean. Like I seriously wondered how they lived in New York. I mean, not to be a nerd hater, but I definitely think you can't escape some element of cool rubbing off on you after living here for, oh... a day!? I couldn't figure out what they were playing but I'm guessing it was some nerdy game that involved witches and warlocks or something like that.

okay, enough hating. The date was good. Smart and interesting guy. We'll see where it goes.