Curiosity Matters

An Exploration of Branding, Design and Cultural Trends

Day 2: A Photographic Journey through San Francisco: Dolores Park

I woke up pretty early yesterday allowing me to spend the morning working in a café, researching the newest Ad Age A-Listers, working on a few blogs and responding to emails. Finally, I took a break from researching and decided I was due for another day of exploration. After having my first Nicoise salad of 2011 at La Boulange, I headed to the Ferry Building for another afternoon of photographic exploration. One brownie and a few photos later, it was time to get a different perspective so I hopped on the BART towards the Mission. I guess the Mission reminds me of Williamsburg, Brooklyn but prettier. While Brooklyn has the view of the East River, The Mission has greenery and beautiful, elaborate murals. Who wins? At some point while I walked around Dolores Park as the only sober person, I realized, it's probably not a good idea to photograph people smoking up. But according to my college psychology professor, weed doesn't cause violence. Dolores Park was completely packed at 4pm which made me wonder, do these people have jobs? Then of course, it instantly occurred to me that I don't really have one either. Soon.. I'm working on my Sputnik moment!

P.S. I've been inspired by the photographer Max Wanger who I found through Joanna Goddard at Cup of Joe and question how he achieves his look, hence my heavily light saturated photos. I might have to go on one more adventure soon with a fill flash.