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Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game

Man oh man. Did I get myself into a tizzy last night. Was totally intent on just getting 1-2 drinks and catching up with a friend. She suggested Solas, not I! Pretty much ten minutes into our drinks, we got hit on by two very cute, South African guys. One was an actor living in LA and another was a tennis player. Any how, my friend wasn't having it cause one was drunk. So eventually they give up. I did spot the tennis player this afternoon during my photography walk but didn't say anything cause I needed to finish my photo assignment. And he was carrying a tennis racket. Hmm.

So eventually our other friend showed up who we haven't seen in ages. But for some inconceivable reason, our spot was dead. My coworker showed up. Left soon after.. then just as I was about to leave, I spotted the Georgetown Law grad that I had managed to blow off the last time when I was waiting for pizza boy. We had a long, extensive debate about politics. Then met his super hot friends.. all owned their own companies of course. That's how guys in NYC roll.. So I'm surrounded by 4 attractive, boisterous guys and I look to my left... and spot pizza boy. Oy vey. How do I get myself into this. I sort of feel bad. Anyway, we all piled into a cab and went to the Gansevort hotel. And thus, my night turned into its usual 5amer. This is getting out of hand.