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End of an Era (or Error)

I ended my life of gluttony last night with a Shake Shack burger, fries and chocolate milk shake and woke up this morning weighing more than I've weighed in more than a year. I skimmed through Eat to Live over the weekend in between watching Weeds and True Blood on the web. It doesn't say anything that I don't already know.. but I'm hoping this book actually resonates with me and gets me to change my habits. My biggest issue is that when I see something I like to eat- be it ice cream, pasta, cheese, burgers, fries, etc. the voice in my head says "You only live once." This is a stupid way of thinking. I'm better off thinking, "you only live once, so you might as well be as healthy as you can be." In any case, here it goes. As of today, I will follow the book's rules as closely last I can. I will be a vegetarian for the next 6 weeks with the occasional fish indulgence. I will keep in mind that there's more protein in a serving of broccoli than in steak. And that by eating a majority of vegetables and fruit, I will not only lose weight, but will reduce my carbon footprint. White flower has the same diminished nutrition as sweets and I will kick my food addiction.

In addition to shedding some pounds, I hope to shed some of my possessions. My recent success finally selling an Arbonne set on eBay has prompted me to list a plethora of magazines I've been holding on to for the last 15 years. Goodbye back issues of Seventeen, YM and various other goodies. See what I'm selling here.. bid or at least give me some love. Next goal is to sell my jewelry on Etsy and perhaps get back into making more.. once I make progress on my novel.

I'm kicking off my weight loss journey with a massage. Tootles.