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Exercise Adventure - LITA Movement

Hello! This morning I took my first official LITA Movement class at SPiN New York. I took a 45 minute class that started at 10 and included fairly simple exercises that had a big impact - proof that you don't need fancy, expensive equipment to achieve an effective workout. But you definitely need someone to show you how to do the moves. Being slightly off with one angle or body part can render an exercise completely ineffective. I've known the founder, Karen Nuccio, for a few years now through Crunch. She has great energy and you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients. She also knows her shit. She let me take a class for free for a variety of reasons. At 11, she offers a 25 minute abs and stretch class that I took as well. She has three instructors in each class (I believe) so you can get some major one on one. Karen helped me stretch instead of just instructing me what to do. So you're getting the attention of a personal trainer for only $10 in this class! In all honesty, the classes were challenging but because they were mostly strength training, I didn't even break a sweat. You can wear yoga clothing and go barefoot, making it the perfect quick workout before work. I know I sound like I'm selling this.. cause I am. Iz good! The 45 minute classes are only $20 each. It sounds pricey but many moves had the same impact as Core Fusion for a fraction of the price. I'm going to try not to disregard the fact that for a while, I was only going to Crunch once a week - bringing my spinning class to $20 a class. Hmm. Puts things in perspective. Anyway, check out their website for more information. This is going to be big so reserve your spot now before classes fill up.