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Exercise Can Make You Fat?

Interesting article on about exercise and weight loss. It's fairly long so I'll sum it up. Studies have found that those who exercise more frequently tend to eat more from hunger and the belief that they can consume caloric foods after exercise. While muscle does burn more calories - 6 calories per pound vs. 2 that's hardly a blip on the caloric radar. So if you've succeeded in converting 10 pounds to muscle - a very lofty achievement, you'd only burn 60 more calories a day- less than my Dannon Light & Fit that I just ate.

I'm not advocating tossing out your gym membership. Studies have shown that regular exercise diminishes the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other maladies. For me, exercise has been a great mood regulator, keeping me sane and happy throughout the ups and downs of my life. I even noticed a significant downswing in my mood and overall well-being during the month that I was researching apartments and settling into my new apartment which meant that I was skipping the gym in the process. So overall advice, watch your calories when you exercise. A 5 mile run, intense spinning class or hardcore hour with your trainer is no excuse to hit the Shake Shack.